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Nov 10, 2019
Hello! Foster rat parent here. I currently have in my care three very sweet boy rats. I have bought online mixes before, but I decided that doing it myself would be cheaper. After doing some research, I got all my indredients at Winco. This is the list plus the amount I ended up buying (in lbs) of each item.

Thistle .32
Groat .62
White quinoa .60
Pumpkin seed .22
Penne pasta .36
Brown basmati rice .35
Fennel seed .08
Wheat flakes .35
Hemp hearts .60
Bulgar wheat .44
Flax seed .27
Pearl barely .57
Plain Cheerios .05
Dried banana chip .15

I wanted 5 lbs of mix, somehow miraculously eyeballed it, and everything ended up totaling to 4.98 lbs (not bad if I do say so myself)

I will mix all of the above into a 5 lbs bag of Oxbow pellets for a diversified diet. For treats, I give strawberry yogies and mealworms for animal protein. For fresh veggies, I feed whatever I feed my uromastyx in the morning, which includes endive, escarole, dandelion greens, collard greens, shredded carrots, and sprouted lentils.

What all would you experts suggest I add/take away to make this mix even better? I would love to hear suggestions!
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Jul 21, 2007
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Mixes are not good for rats because they will only eat the bits they like.

Please read the nutrition section of our Reference Thread for information on diet, supplements, forbidden foods, rat nutrition, tools such as chronometer etc.

Rats need low protein levels and research has found that it is best if it comes from plant sources
Feeding a variety of daily vegs in addition to a good block such as the oxbow you are giving is good :)

A lot of the ingredients you mention look good and would likely be good to give occasionally as a supplement to their diet. Some of them might be better cooked, and some would be better if organic or nonGMO. A few I personally would not feed … for example, rice has arsenic, dried fruit contains a lot of sugar, processed foods are unhealthy and some, such as cheerios contain high levels of pesticides.

Sugar feeds cancer and yogies are basically sugar so you might consider healthy treats such as organic pumpkin seeds, organic kumut puffs (a cereal that has no additives), a piece of fruit such as ripe banana, organic berries, cooked organic grains such as many you mention (ie cooked oatmeal, cooked 12 grain cereal, cooked buckwheat) with blueberries, etc. I make my rats homemade soup from time to time with barley and a varierty of vegas and a few chick peas or beans.

This is a rescue forum and we do not support live feeding of animals or the discussion of it …. that includes mealworms (see forum rules)

Hope this helps
Welcome to the forum :)
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