Current thinking on antibiotics treatment?


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Mar 9, 2019
Rhode Island
I have a girl who was showing some signs of respiratory issues--sneezing, lethargy, seemed a bit off-balance at times. I put her on Baytril, no change after a week, then added doxycycline, and she was her old self again in two days (one lesson learned!). I kept her on the two antibiotics for two weeks, then stopped. Two or three weeks have passed, and I started to notice some of the original symptoms again. So I started her on antibiotics again.

Most rat vets I've had will put a rat on antibiotics for two weeks for respiratory issues. Deb Ducommon says 4-6 weeks, I believe. And I've seen people here post about a three or four week course. In what I described above, it seems like I probably didn't keep her on them for long enough (if her issue is in fact respiratory related). So what do people think is good, general length for a course of antibiotics for mycoplasm flare ups?


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Feb 15, 2020
I give them ABs for 2 weeks POST any symptoms. So once they clear up their symptoms, continue treating for 2 more weeks

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