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Feb 1, 2020
the netherlands

my 5 males are living in a double CN, because of shoulder problems that can last a while, or maybe nevr go away completely, i find it hard and painfull to clean the large cage.
my rats do not freerange, they do not like it and i don't have a very safe place for it, they get their attention when i sit with them by the cage, and play and cuddle with them, they also climb out on me.

because of the no free range, i decided on the CN double. but it is very hard for me to do the cleaning.
i am thinking about downsizing the cage, with the above in mind, do you think the savic zeno cage could work for 5 male rats? it is 100x50x70 cm.

i know they also have a taller cage available, but i think that would also be to much for me.


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Aug 25, 2020
Southern USA
I think it would be a really tight squeeze.
Maybe you could attach two savic zenos side by side- would that hurt your back?

I also think you should try freerange again. Almost every rat is a bit scared of doing freerange at first. If you keep it a regular thing, they will be waiting for you at the bars of the cage when it's freerange time! :)
You can make a playpen or let your rats freerange on your bed if you don't have a safe place.


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Jul 21, 2007
central New Brunswick Canada
I would suggest you purchase a single CN. You could connect the two bottom CNs to make a large cage and close off the top section on the double. ... it would give your boys lots of running space - also hammocks can be hung across the entire length, and two 15 in tubes can be hung from one balcony to the other

EDIT: When you clean, you could put the boys into the closed off top section of the CN for hours or the day while you clean the double bottom section

**** Please ignore the chew logs as I no longer use them - they are made with honey so rats think they are food and eat them - which can cause internal blockages and has killed many rats

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Nov 13, 2018
I would just close off a level of the DCN, and when you need to clean it, move them to the other section. I'd do that before I'd get a cage that small. I have a DCN and a knock off DCN, and I currently will house all my rats in one cage, and clean the other, then cleaning day, I switch them cages. That way I can take my time cleaning it. How old are your boys? Boys tend to get rather large (not always) when they are full grown. My boys are almost twice the size of my girls.

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