C-60 diffused in Olive Oil - very exciting study for rat lovers!

Discussion in 'General Rat Chat & Photos' started by Racholo, Aug 8, 2019.

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    Hello again everyone :)

    This is very exciting for those who don't know:

    I stumbled upon an article/research paper that showed that when lab rats were given C-60(Carbon 60) diffused in Olive Oil with their food every single rat tested lifespans were more than doubled!

    One rat even living up to 56 months.

    It is quite a process to diffuse the C-60 in without it clotting, therefore C-60 Olive Oil is relatively expensive.

    It's about $65-85 NZD for 100mL
    Or $42-55 USD for 3.4 ounce

    My plan is to double check that supplementing it to rats has no adverse health effects then giving three of my five boys it, to get a clear picture if this indeed does work.

    If I successfully carry this out I will post results back here when my babies pass and what ages.
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