Big Schpog's 5am trip to the ER vet

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Big Schpog

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Jul 8, 2020
British Columbia
Big Schpog developed some congestion a week ago and even though she's showing no signs of discomfort, it's always better to get them checked out. Dr. Gu was so good with her. She's not got a temp, eating and drinking, no piloerection, but she IS making some respiratory sounds. She gave me a week of Baytril Doxy combo and told me to wait a few more days and if it's not resolving, to give her the AB's. Big Schpog is 13 months old, has NEVER had a single health issue, is a happy girl and loves her Momma to bits and Momma loves her to the moon and back...

Last night they wanted me to put her in this clear plastic box with an O2 connection so they could take her back to the exam room. Unfortunately, Big Schpog said 'NO DAMN WAY!' So I asked for a small kitten carrier and she went right in like a good girl. She had a poo in the new carrier and the vet said she was very curious and wanted to get people's attention. Yep, that's my highly social Schpogger!

Due to COVID, I wasn't allowed back with her but I did explain to the vet techs that I had just had a COVID test 5 days ago and it was negative. This relaxed them a little bit.

When I decided to take her to the vet at 5am, I did so because I knew there would be probably no wait time, and I was right. Me and Schpog were the only one's at the vet at that hour. She had her first cab ride, which she rode in my warm Columbia jacket. She loves that damn jacket LOL. She was very curious in the 10 minute ride, sniffing around and making that godawful resp sound. She wanted to explore the cab but Momma said no. The cab driver had some sort of deep spicy patchouli scent in his cab and Schpog was happily taking that smell since she loves scent, and she especially likes the scent of men.

The cab company didn't even know I had an animal with me. I didn't tell them because they usually require animals to be a carrier and Schpog hates carriers and prefers to be next to my body in my coat. She snuggled happily in Momma's coat, sticking that lovely nose out to smell the cold Autumn night air from the comfort of her heated sleeve and feeling safe and secure feeling my heartbeat.

She thought we were going for a late night walk, which we have done many times in the Autumn/Winter. I've taken the girls down the beautiful Chinatown streets to see the full moon and they just had a blast. So Schpog was very familiar with this routine so in her mind, it was just a normal little walk in the dark.

So I've got 7 days of the AB combo but I won't start them until Monday or Tues. Big Schpog's exam results will be sent to Dr Chow over at Capitol Hill. She's the rat specialist here in Vancouver.

Please wish Schpog well and lets hope we discover soon why she is making these sounds!

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