Amazing Small Animal Vet in Lunenburg County, NS

Discussion in 'Rat Veterinarian Listings' started by kbg, Nov 12, 2015.

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    Nova Scotia, Canada.
    I used to go to a vet in Bridgewater NS with my rats because I was told he was the only one who handled them. I have a new vet now (for my dogs and cats), who I love, and trust absolutely. I recently rescued 4 feeder babies, and decided to call my new vets office to ask if she handled this type of animal. It turns out that not only is she an exotic and small animal vet, she LOVES them!!! She does the work because she always had these pets, and had no way to get proper care for them locally, so she vowed to make it her thing. She said if she could make it her whole practice, she would! Can you believe that?! What luck! I had all four babies in for a complete check-up a few days ago, and she handled them like they were her own babies! I couldn't be happier! She is with Nova Veterinary Hospital in Hebb's Cross, Bridgewater, NS, and her name is Danielle Collins. If you have rats anywhere in the NS area, and you want a vet who truly cares for your little babies, she is your saviour! She's a big lover of ferrets too!

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