Canada (Other) 6 girls (together or in pairs) & CN - Moncton NB - GONE

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Jul 21, 2007
central New Brunswick Canada
Kijiji ad

Looking for a loving home for 6 female rats, mostly fancy colours, just under a year old.
We simply do not have the time to hangout with them like we used to, and they need more attention!
They are bonded so they need to preferably all go together, but at least in pairs of 2.
If they go altogether they come with a double critter nation cage, it’s huge and roomy, it easily fits 8 rats, so the 6 of them do well in there. I
f we cannot find a good home for them, we will not sell them, period, they will stay put. They absolutely will not go as feeders.
They tend to be pretty shy, but absolutely love food and special treats, so bonding with them should be easy if you have some the time! Price negotiable to the right home.