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Jul 21, 2007
central New Brunswick Canada
Kijiji ad - see pictures in the ad

Best Offer. Pick up only. Smoke free home.

6 Males. 6 Females.

They have been living in separate cages and are approximately 1 year old. All but one of the males are super friendly, the "lone" male is more fearful but hasn't bitten in the time that I've had him.

My schedule has drastically changed and I find I don't have the time I used to have to dedicate to the level of care that I feel they need. It's not that caring for them is difficult -- but ensuring they have ample opportunity for exercise and play outside of their cage as well as socialization and general maintenance, has become a bit of a challenge with my current schedule.

I would like to keep them together in their groups of 6 as they all get along very well and have never been apart.

The females have chewed through the bottom of their tray and I have attempted to have it replaced, however the new tray is about 2 inches shy of being the correct width to catch their shavings.

The cages themselves, brand new, cost around $200 each, so I am looking to recover some of that cost. I have put a lot of time and energy into these guys and they do mean quite a lot to me so I want to ensure they don't become food and will be appropriately housed should you decide you don't want their cage.

Please contact me with any further questions.

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