2021 World Rat Day Gift Exchange

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Feb 15, 2013
Baltimore, MD, USA
If you are interested in participating by sending a rat-related gift for rat or human of at least $25 (not including shipping) to someone while getting a gift from someone else in return,
email the following information to The Travelin' Rat (TheTravelinRat@gmail.com) by February 28, 2021:
Subject: WRD Gift Exchange
Address (including ZIP/Postal code):
Where will you ship to (US/Canada/UK/Australia only, US & Canada, Worldwide)*:
Would you be willing to send a second gift if needed?
How many rats and what sexes do you have?
Is there anything in particular that your rats are hankering for during their special holiday?
*We will do our best to match you up with someone within your own country as we know postage is expensive. However, that may not be possible depending on how many participants we have. If you are paired up with a giftee outside of your country, you may be able to order from a rat-related business or Amazon within that person's country.
We will send out a schedule once we receive your information.

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