1 Dumbo Rat Boy in Need of New Home - SEATTLE


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Feb 25, 2018
Hi new member here in a bit of a bind!

Really mad at myself but I got duped; I needed female rat friend for my current rat ( she was originally a feeder rat so she did not have any litter mates when I adopted her). I managed to find a breeder but I was in a rush when I picked up the rat, and never got a look at their behind; took him out today and low and behold, two testicles.

I obviously can't keep him, because there's no way I can manage what will happen WHEN my other rat gets pregnant. Thankfully both are still too young for that at the moment.

He was also originally a feeder, so I can't give him back to that in good conscience either, and it's part of the reason I had chosen to adopt. He's been shy the last few days but is already warming up. Very cute, huge dopey dumbo ears, pretty grey speckled color (idk the official term), pictures I managed to take are attached.

Please help!!

(P.S. Does anyone know any shelters I might be able to give this cutie to if no one will take him? :( )

20180224_174550.jpg 20180224_174549.jpg 20180224_174527.jpg 20180224_174543.jpg


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Mar 4, 2014
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