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  1. N

    New rat introductions with injured eye.

    Hello! opinions would be greatly appreciated. I have 3, 7-week old rats that I intend to introduce to my lone girl Zaffie. One of the new babies, Faun, has been blind in one eye since birth and has an infection. I am managing it with eyedrops and once I get the go-ahead from a vet the eye will...
  2. Courtney Carter

    Three New Girls

    I just got three new little girls today, something I’ve been planning to do for a while. My best friend just passed away so I’m in need of some new company and my last girl was an old rescue who passed not much longer after we got her due to a tumor. These three ladies are lovely and were very...
  3. CaptainCavanaugh

    General advice?

    Wasn’t sure where exactly to put this since I wanted to combine a bunch of questions in to one big post. I want to give my ratties a good life, and maybe spoil them a bit. I know I could always google things, but I love the individual advice I get ^^ y’all are wonderful! first off, I’ve only...
  4. CaptainCavanaugh

    Upper Respiratory Illness?

    Howdy! So, about two weeks ago I got two young rats as a Christmas gift. When I got them, the store gave me a powder (i forget what its called) that I had to put in to their water for a week. This was to help flush out their systems, because all the rats were sick. One of the rats has gotten...
  5. S


    hi guys! I’m not a native English speaker, but since this is one of the only forums with a lot of activity, I thought I should join! So I had to put down my old rat a week ago. My other rat, Pepper, is 1,5 years old. I didn’t want to get a rat which is around the same age, because I know that...
  6. Kyn

    What's normal for play fighting between young males?

    I have three males who were all raised together. They are all about 9 weeks. During free roam especially they chase each other and pin each other onto their backs. However, what worries me is that they let out short, high-pitched squeaks when this happens, like they are in pain. I also noticed...
  7. Kyn

    Oxbow Regal Rat for Young Rats?

    I have three boys who are a little over 8 weeks old. Right now, I feed them the adult formula of Oxbow Regal Rat. I looked into getting them the young rat and mouse formula of Oxbow's, but wasn't too impressed with the ingredients (corn, etc.) Since baby rats need more protein than adults, I've...
  8. Kyn

    Possible Overgrooming in Young Rats, Scabs on Sides?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here! Excited to be apart of this lovely community~ I recently got three beautiful boys from a breeder in early January. They were about 6 weeks old when I got them, so they are probably about 9 weeks old now. I recently noticed that two of them (a...