1. M

    Pet Wanted Looking for adult female in Huntsville

    I'm in Huntsville, Alabama and I have two girls that are a little over a year old now. I would like to get a third rat around the same age. Unfortunately many of the local rat breeders have closed and the pet stores only have very young rats. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. crystalratmom

    In need of some toys

    hey, if anyone has any extra toys they don't use I would really appreciate them. I'm in North GA and I can't afford to get my patties a ton of toys, but I don't have many. I can pay for shipping. Message me if you have anything or know where I could find some good toys that won't make me go...
  3. R

    WANTED ceramic food bowls (new)

    if u have any for a cheap price let me know