sick rat

  1. H

    two 11 year old rats with URIS not getting better with antibiotics

    Hello, I recently got three 8 week old rats. When I brought them home, two were constantly sneezing. I brought them to the vet and got prescribed Doxy. After a week they were still sneezing and sounding more congested so I brought them to the vet. I got prescribed Doxy and Batryil for two weeks...
  2. M


    One of my rats is lethargic, she is wobbly and will barely walk. She wouldn’t even take a treat but I did get her to eat some yogurt. Her eyes are squinty, there’s excess porphyrin on her nose, and she seems overall very weak and so not herself. I am worried she’s dying (she’s almost exactly two...
  3. M

    Rat traumatized after vet

    Hi! This is my first time posting on here. I rescued a rat almost a week ago. He’s two years old. He has his head tilted to the side and doesn’t walk right, so I decided to take him to the vet yesterday. They gave him injections and sent him home with antibiotics and pain medicine, but ever...
  4. B

    My Rat wont Eat

    A couple weeks ago I took my 2 year old rat to the vets just to check on her breathing. The vet said she was perfectly find nothing to worry. So I went home and just went day by day. I noticed she wasn't really eating and drinking little and acting a little weird. I decided to weigh her and she...
  5. M

    Help needed for curious respiratory symptoms!

    Recently (3 months ago) I lost a rat to pneumonia and after that experience I did everything in my power to protect my other girls. I bought a double critter nation (for 4 rats), set up an air purifier, got new dustless bedding( cat pellet paper), began to litter train, sewed fleece liners for...
  6. bruxingbeauties

    I need help | medicine

    I need help finding ways to get my rats to take their medication. One of my girls recently passed away from pneumonia and I have 2 left. They started showing signs that they were sick too so I took them to the vet. They were given medicine and so far biscuit has taken them really easily and is...
  7. Mei

    Month old baby shows signs of pneumonia

    Hello everyone! I need help right here, right now. Recently, I have adopted a new baby girl - Jolyne, she is a bundle of sunshine. It’s been 3 days since I got her and she has been sick ever since she came to our house. She was perfectly fine at the adoption centre, no issues and no bad...
  8. D


  9. Mother of Mischief

    Care for Pregnant and Sick Rat

    I got a young, pregnant rat from someone who didn't know she was female and put her in a cage with their male rats (woopsie). I have her in a birthing cage because, according to my that person's account, she should be reaching about day twenty. However, I've noticed that she a has started...
  10. Courtney Carter

    HELP!! Rat with suddenly declining health?

    I am incredibly concerned currently. I have been monitoring my rat fish for a few days, his behavior has changed a bit and I checked him out and eventually noticed his teeth seeming to be over grown. He’s not the biggest chewer but hasn’t struggled until recently. His behavior changed only a few...
  11. Venus_rat

    Rat Porphyrin

    My rat woke up with porphyrin all over her nose, mouth, her right eye and all over her hands. She looked like she got punched. Her lungs sound fine, but she's a little lethargic. She's been this way for two days. I don't know what to do. Is she sick or is this normal? Also, I don't actually...
  12. A

    Wobbly & Head Tilt

    So, a month and a half ago one of my does gave birth to an unexpected litter. Long story short, she looked like her brothers, and was placed in the wrong cage; the new rat, Murtagh, was the father. He passed away recently. Unfortunately, one of the babies, Onyx, has begun to show the same signs...
  13. Jon D


    One of my boys *about 5 months* is sick and I dont know what's happening to him! His sister died in the same way not long ago!! We woke up and he was just lethargic and drooling, he also looked like he was trying to regurgitate. We waited it out and then took him to a vet. They couldn't find out...
  14. Caitlin

    Respiratory problem not getting better :(

    Hello, one of my rats has had an ongoing respiratory problem that first flared up when he was around six months old and he is now 11 months. He’s been on and off doxy and baytril and the first time the doxy really helped him and he was back to normal within days. the baytril did absolutely...
  15. S

    5 week old with ear infection, antibiotics are not helping

    I recently adopted three sisters together. All of them are 4-5 weeks old (my best guess). Very small still. I didn't realize that one of them was sick until I brought her home. Day 1 she couldn't even sit up. She would just endlessly roll over and flop on her sides. I found out that my family...
  16. Kiraa

    Wobbling and bloody nose?

    My male Rat named Melkey has been sneezing blood occasionally ever since we got him. I got him from an abusive household in where he was dipped in cologne and thrown against a wall. We have had him for five months, and the past few weeks he has been wobbling. He eats his food sideways, drinks...
  17. Courtney Carter

    Wheezy Ratties

    Hello all! This is my first post here and I’m here with concerns. I just got two new baby boys! They’re so kind though a little hand shy, but we’re getting there with them. One of the boys is quiet and relax. No health problem in sight yet. While his brother is and has been rather wheezy...
  18. Angelrattie

    Irritated Eye Lids on Rat

    My girl has had irritated eyelids for about a week now and I don't know what to do. She hasn't shown any signs of illness besides the obvious redness around the eyelid. Her behavior seems normal to me. Although she has been grooming herself around her head/eyes a bit more than usual. I'm not...
  19. Georgia Leigh

    My ratty is sick:(

    Not sure what's up with her. She's falling all over the place and can't really easily get around, though she does have control of her front paws. She doesn't really want to eat or drink, or move much. Is this PT? Or something else? My parents are skeptical about taking her to the vets
  20. M

    Possible vaginal discharge/pee/poo

    when I went to take my rats out today for play time and cage cleaning I noticed one of my rats who is about a year old now had some dirty fur around her bottom (I’m a very new rat owner) it lookEd like it was her urethra area that almost looked like she might’ve just gotten pee stuck in the fur...