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  1. T

    Verify Gender

  2. H

    NEED HELP ASAP! sexing baby

    Hello, i have a baby rat that i rescued from being a feeder. I need to get them a friend, but i need confirmation on the gender fist! Going tonight or in the next few days! I’m thinking female but i’m not positive. i also do not know the age. Sorry the pics of tough could not get the baby to...
  3. Mialee

    Sexing babies!

    Hi, Is anyone able to help me tell the gender of these 2 babies? I think they look female, but just wanted a second opinion.
  4. ssrat

    Is my young rat male or female? (Pics)

    Helloo! I bought my newest baby exactly a week ago and this has kept me up at night. This is what the pet store told me: They do not guarantee sex, but the employee I was speaking to said, in his opinion, this baby is a male. I asked how old ratty is, the employee asked, I'm assuming, the...