1. P

    I got my dream rats!!

    I’ve wanted Siamese baby’s for almost three years, but none of the breeders in my area have had any ever. I was scrolling through Craigslist a few days ago and someone had an oops litter and three little Siamese boys came out of it. I was expecting them to be kind of mean, as I knew nothing...
  2. Ashleigh

    Oddball, Mac, and Cheese.

    Oddball has been with me the longest. I've had him a year and had gotten him when he was aprox 2 months old. Oddball by Ashleigh posted Mar 14, 2019 at 10:28 AM He has a towel fortress on my computer desk that he frequently naps in. He loves raw broccoli but hates raw carrots. Next are Mac...
  3. lillywithluv

    Rat Ran Away !!!!

    hello !! so my little Orson escaped his cage somehow and left his brother bug behind. we didn't want him to be alone so we went and picked up a new baby boy today, skully. as we were getting bug and skully introduced we heard scratching in the walls and Orson peaked his head out of a little...
  4. R

    Frail baby rat

    hi all, I'm looking for some advice. My baby Rex, Moraig, has been ill with a respiratory infection and abscesses. We've treated her with antibiotics. But I think she may be underdeveloped due to this. She is otherwise healthy- exploratory, eats, drinks, cuddles, and washes herself regularly...