rescue rat

  1. dischmarie

    Adopted Solitary Rat-Tips?

    Hello, I adopted a solitary rat today from the Animal Humane Society. She was surrendered due to being very aggressive with other rats. She is also extremely skittish. I had rats as a child but I always had a really good experience with rats getting along and never had a rat alone. They also...
  2. Internetchild21

    New Furry Babies

    Here are my newly adopted (or rescued) boys. The hairless baby was a rescue from Craigslist- they were keeping him in a reusable shopping bag His name is Piglet and he has my heart. The boy with the black fur’s name is Link. He was adopted with the two other furred babies. Currently he is...
  3. MeineRatten

    URGENT first rescue WE REALLY NEED HELP!

    Hi guys! We have just gotten our first rescue, three wonderful girls to add to our already existing pair. We have already consulted all the available info on introductions and came up with a plan (a bit later in this post), but today's event put everything into question and frankly, threw me a...
  4. Mialee

    Mycoplasma in Rats

    Are there any rat owners who have experience with rats with mycoplasma flare-ups and can explain what it actually is? In February I adopted a 1 year old female rat from the adoption section of a pet store. She was a lone rat and had been neglected by her previous owner - little was said about...
  5. Angelrattie

    No Rat Rescues Near Me

    I live in Southwest Florida near Ft. Myers, and it seems there aren't any ratteries or rat rescues anywhere near me. The closest ones are 2.5 to 3 hours away. When I'm ready to add more rats to my mischief I'd really like to adopt instead of buy, but I don't think I'm ready to rescue from a...
  6. Mialee

    HELP my rat is biting!

    I have a rescue rat who was neglected quite badly in her previous home. She’s been with me for nearly 3 weeks now and I’ve been trying desperately to get her to be tame. She was never taken out of her cage in her previous home and from what we know she bit the owner when they first got her as a...