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    USA PLEASE 2 females in need/home

    Hello, I have 2 girl rats, (Raleigh,Nc) and I love them so much however it has gotten to a point I can longer take care of them the way I believe they deserve. One of the females has a large mammory tumor that has gotten out of hand, and the other is completely healthy. They are both sweet...
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    6 Rats! 4 females 2 males!

    I got a female by accident when buying 2 males. A pregnancy insued and I cant take care of these rats any longer. I have 4 female rats, 2 albino and 2 black and white, and 2 albino males. I will NOT sell them as feeders. There will be a 20$ rehoming fee to ensure that they are not being used as...
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    Male rat to rehome! Moncton NB Canada

    He’s white with black eyes friendly and cute gives kisses. My other rats all hate him so he needs a good home. You must have a cage already and preferably another rat. I don’t want him used as a breeder. Contact me if interested
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    2 females free+cage Fort Worth TX

    i Have a black dumbo and and black ad white fancy. Both are very sweet. The dumbo is calm and other is very active and playful. They have always been housed together. They will come with their cage and and food/bedding. Please message me if you’re interested. Ive relocated to Florida and my...