1. S

    Please help!!! I don't know what to do!! Possible broken foot.

    Hi, I really need advice, my rat fell off his cage today and his foot is super swollen, has cuts in it, and a little purple. I’m going to try and take him to the vet but how do I know if it’s just a sprain or broken I really wish I could just know and help him): I’m really worried because he...
  2. RayRayCawCaw

    Should I still neuter my male rat?

    So I adopted my first two male rats about 10months ago now, and my one furbaby, Grunkle, was constantly showing aggressive behaviour (mounting, some extreme fighting, etc) to my other boy, Nesquik. I recently adopted a rescue, Momo, who's only about 8 weeks old, and they are all in the same cage...
  3. Y

    bird seed mix

    can i use bird seed mix which contains grit in it as a base??? can rats eat grit????
  4. Y

    calcium blocks?????

    do i need to provide my rats with calcium blocks for good dental health?
  5. Y

    is this seed mix suitable for rats???