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  1. E

    Aggressive Rats

    Hey there, my husband and I have 3 girls of our own (Kitai, Ana and Tali) and all of them have become EXTREMELY aggressive, lunge biting, biting threw the cage, attacking when we try to change food and give them fresh water. We are at our wits end with them and to be honest it's breaking our...
  2. Angelrattie

    Can anyone tell me what kind of fur type/color my rats are?

    Here are my three girls. I don't really know what to classify them as fur pattern wise and would greatly appreciate someone else's insight. The gray and white is Cas, she has black eyes. The gray one is Remy, she is has white on her chest and on her wrists. The white one is Angel, she has a...
  3. Mialee

    HELP my rat is biting!

    I have a rescue rat who was neglected quite badly in her previous home. She’s been with me for nearly 3 weeks now and I’ve been trying desperately to get her to be tame. She was never taken out of her cage in her previous home and from what we know she bit the owner when they first got her as a...
  4. Mialee

    Is this a happy boggle?

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows whether this is a happy boggle (video link below)? I’ve posted on here quite a bit recently about my rescue rat who was neglected by her previous owner. She doesn’t let me pick her up yet, but will happily take food from my hand and give me a little...
  5. Mialee

    Does Myco mean my rat can’t live with others?

    Hi - I have also written another thread about my single female rat which I adopted a couple of days ago but after reading a comment, I need help on what’s the best thing to do for her. She came into the centre due to neglect as her owner had never taken her out of her cage and she has been...
  6. Mialee

    Help needed for new rescue!!

    Hi, Yesterday I adopted a little girl rat (about 10 months old) who was treated really badly in her previous home. The owner let her get so bad that she had such a bad respiratory infection that she is no longer allowed to live with other rats. She was kept on her own her whole life and I feel...
  7. mary

    Fleece Bedding (and Uhaul Pads)

    So I think im adopting 3 boys in late spring/early summer, but I'm torn on the bedding choice. I'm getting a single or double critter nation cage and I think fleece is my best option for those cages. I do have a few questions for those of you who use fleece as bedding for your ratties. 1. How...
  8. C

    Rescue Rats from Hoarder Situation

    Hi everyone! I'm in dire need of help. I've had a pair of rats before that were shy at first but were young and fairly easy to tame. My local shelter has just received over 80 rats, adults and juveniles. Thankfully other rescues have stepped in to help take some of the rats but they really only...
  9. A

    Trouble with introductions

    I have three girls, two of them live together and the other was in quarantine for lice. She is a rescue, she was surrendered to my local pet shop in a tiny cage by herself. She is an absolute sweetheart when it comes to people, loves playing and giving kisses. When it comes to other rats, it's a...
  10. A

    What to do?

    A few weeks ago, a rat was surrendered to my local pet store. I took her home the day she was surrendered. She has lice so she's been on ivermectin (oral) for 2 weeks now and her last dose will be next Tuesday. I'm wondering what to do until then? I'm guessing she's been alone her entire life...