rat health

  1. H

    Rat with injured foot?

    I had my rats out while I was at my desk focusing on work, one of them (his name is tuna) knocked over a case of buttons I have and fell off with it. My boys are sturdy and big so at first it was no biggie, but rolling back on my chair I accidentally went over one of his feet. It started...
  2. Poe and Friends

    Rat with URI

    My rat Poe has an upper respiratory infection. I took him to the local vet and they are very nice there. They gave him Baytril and Doxycycline to give to him twice a day. The vet said that Poe was a good boy (he always has been) and that his URI was very severe. Poe is eating fine and since he...
  3. Kye

    Losing a rat? Help..

    I have a Feeder rat named Venus.. She's had recurring problems since I got her.. Today she's lethargic, Squeaks whenever she's touched, and is just puffed up..Her breathing has become shallow and the vet is closed today.. I don't know what to do.. I don't know if she'll make it through to...
  4. Angelrattie

    Re: Rat's Tail Gone

    This is just if anyone was wondering how Angel is doing. So, a few days ago I posted a thread about an accident that happened with one of my rats in which the tip of her tail was degloved. Now, four days later it's looking much better. The picture isn't too great because she is quite the...
  5. Mialee

    Does Myco mean my rat can’t live with others?

    Hi - I have also written another thread about my single female rat which I adopted a couple of days ago but after reading a comment, I need help on what’s the best thing to do for her. She came into the centre due to neglect as her owner had never taken her out of her cage and she has been...
  6. mary

    Fleece Bedding (and Uhaul Pads)

    So I think im adopting 3 boys in late spring/early summer, but I'm torn on the bedding choice. I'm getting a single or double critter nation cage and I think fleece is my best option for those cages. I do have a few questions for those of you who use fleece as bedding for your ratties. 1. How...
  7. K


    Recently just got two new female rats off facebook for my single female whos cage mate passed about a month ago. I kept them in separate cages for 2 weeks while introducing them and ended up buying a double critter nation for all three of them. I have been leaving her alone to figure out her way...
  8. K

    Oxbow rat food

    i know this sounds really weird but anyways, I have 8 rats atm and I’ve always fed them oxbow essentials rat food I always bought the small 3lb bags till one day I saw on amazon a 20lb bag so I got that cuz i go through the 3lb bags sooo fast. Ever since I got the 20lb bag my rats have been...
  9. rattiemom16

    Red Flakes on Skin?

    HI My male rat has red flakes on his back closer in the middle around the base of his tail. I gave him a bath to better see the flakes, they don't seem to be moving so I don't think they're lice or anything? Please Help!
  10. O

    Soaking rat blocks? (+massive picky eaters)

    My two 8 m/o rats have always hated their rat blocks, at this point I’ve must have tried at least 6 or so brands. I’ve realised that if I soak the blocks (I’m currently using Burgess, but I actually just ordered some Beaphar+ ones which I haven’t tried) they tend to pick at it and eat bits of...
  11. Cece

    Hurt rat ears.

    A added a picture, a bit blurry because she hates sitting still. But anyway, one of my rats keeps somehow hurting her ears and unless shes doing it herself I dont know how. My other rat did this, but it was just her chewing her plastic tunnel and going through it (catching her ears on the chewed...