1. M

    Coat color question!

    Hey guys, what color is this rat considered? I’m thinking agouti, but she has a bit more blue/gray than the agouti pics I see online. Thoughts? 😁
  2. K

    My Rats Energy

    A couple of months ago I got my two rats Pigeon and Luna. At first Luna was really active and Pigeon was still active but a bit less than Luna. However a couple of weeks ago I noticed that Pigeon was really lethargic and when I take her out she doesn’t want to play and sits down and sleeps. Is...
  3. Angelrattie

    Is it normal for rats not to eat near me?

    Sometimes my rats take a treat from me and eat it right next to me/the front of the cage, but other times they run away to a hide and gobble it up there. Does this mean anything like do they feel nervous?
  4. Angelrattie

    Can anyone tell me what kind of fur type/color my rats are?

    Here are my three girls. I don't really know what to classify them as fur pattern wise and would greatly appreciate someone else's insight. The gray and white is Cas, she has black eyes. The gray one is Remy, she is has white on her chest and on her wrists. The white one is Angel, she has a...
  5. C

    First time owning rats! Help needed!

    Hello! This is my first time owning rats, I have done all the research and have two beautiful boys from the best breeder in my state!!! I have had them for four days, I let the 48 hour period pass and tried to give them treats. After one kept taking treat from my hand I tried to pick him up but...
  6. Angelrattie

    New Rat Owner Questions (A LOT)

    Should I be keeping the TV or radio on to get the rats used to some noise or will they get used to louder sounds on their own? How do I get my rats to stay on my bed? I feel like since they hate me so much they’ll try to get off the bed to avoid me. Does it mean rats trust you if they eat food...
  7. D

    introducing older rats to younger rats?

    Hi! I have 3 adult males and I’ve been thinking about introducing a new rat to them. He is a baby and about 7 weeks old. Does anyone have any tips about going about this? I know about quarantining and introducing them on neutral territory and all that, but i just wanted to know if I should take...
  8. ssrat

    Is my young rat male or female? (Pics)

    Helloo! I bought my newest baby exactly a week ago and this has kept me up at night. This is what the pet store told me: They do not guarantee sex, but the employee I was speaking to said, in his opinion, this baby is a male. I asked how old ratty is, the employee asked, I'm assuming, the...
  9. Rat-a-tata

    I wasn’t sure where to post this

    Hi everyone, Unfortunately my little girl Twitch became really poorly earlier this evening and I think she may be suffering from a pituitary tumour (thank you SQ for the advice!) I’m taking her to the vets tomorrow but for the time being I have separated her from her sister - Poppy, as Twitch...