1. shaunavalon

    Rat Cagemates during and after pregnancy

    I have an older rat called Io, she is about 1 year old, who has been bred about 10 days ago (I put her with one of my males so they can breed as their colours are pretty and I want to try and start a line of Himalayans with soft spiky fur). This is the first time I am dealing with a pregnant rat...
  2. K

    Is my rat pregnant?

    Hi everyone! I bought two pet rats (female) from pets at home about 40 days ago and am concerned that one of them maybe being pregnant. I went in to the shop intending to buy two male rats but when I got to the checkout after picking them out I was told by staff that they were actually female...
  3. Mother of Mischief

    Care for Pregnant and Sick Rat

    I got a young, pregnant rat from someone who didn't know she was female and put her in a cage with their male rats (woopsie). I have her in a birthing cage because, according to my that person's account, she should be reaching about day twenty. However, I've noticed that she a has started...
  4. Jayyd23

    Possibly pregnant rat

    So I adopted two babies last week and were told both were males. One was a little too squirmy for me to get a good look at so I took the mans word. Now it’s a week later and they trust me a bit more and I finally got a really good look at both of them. Well, one of my little buddies was NOT a...
  5. Bso

    Rat thinks she's pregnant but isn't!?

    Hi! I have two female rats, in the last week or so one of them has suddenly had a big behaviour change. She is hoarding all the food and has become very territorial - she's taken one of the shelters in the cage as her den and is nesting. She takes all the bedding and will lash out at the other...
  6. Monique

    Is my rat pregnant?

    Hello, I bought this rat from the pet store on Monday January 20th, 2020. When I first got her (and her sister) they told me they were about 4-5 weeks old. I brought her and her sister home. I notice that the females compared to my males (separate cages) were noticeable longer so I called the...
  7. D

    Is my rat pregnant?

    Hello everyone, I hope you guys are having a great day. Well, where to begin. I adopted a lil rattie the 25 of July of this year. At the time, she was 2 months old, more or less. The thing is, she’s sharing a cage with my other rat, who is also a female (just to make clear that the new baby...
  8. C


    My girl had an oops 24 days ago with my new male, she broke into his cage while I was out! He was meant to get the snip sooner, but had to delay it as he required antibiotics and then this happened. I rang vets yesterday as she hadn't still had them. he said wait another two days. At 12:30 last...
  9. panthra

    Is my hairless rat pregnant?

    Hi again, I just adopted the sweetest, most loving young hairless girl rat named Prune. She is just the best, she will snuggle with me in bed for hours and everything. <3 Someone saved her from being a feeder rat so it's possible she was kept with males. She has a bit of a pot belly and...
  10. bentleek13

    Do pregnant rats gape before birth?

    So I have a rat that I suspect is pregnant. I just checked on her and it seems that her vagina is a bit wider than before. I’m not sure if rats get wider down there before birth, or if this is a sign that she’s in heat and therefore I can rule out pregnancy?