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  1. lystelle

    1.5 year old male rat showing possible signs of PT? stressing out lots over this :(

    my 1.5 year old male rat puffin has recently been very greasy. i thought at first maybe i needed to clean better, but his brother moose is doing just fine. he grooms lots, and has been looking ruffled and very greasy for the last two months. i knew this was something really different for him...
  2. The Rat Kave

    Is My Rat Ok?

    My oldest rat , Poppie,(approx. 5 months) has started to worry me. Recently they had all gotten sick(she was second to do so I believe), since then they've all had meds and the one who was the worst off, Aster, is now almost completely fine(it's two days after the end of giving them medicine...
  3. Venus_rat

    Rat Porphyrin

    My rat woke up with porphyrin all over her nose, mouth, her right eye and all over her hands. She looked like she got punched. Her lungs sound fine, but she's a little lethargic. She's been this way for two days. I don't know what to do. Is she sick or is this normal? Also, I don't actually...
  4. sweetcherrykai

    is some porphyrin normal??

    I woke up this morning and noticed alley had a lil porphyrin around her nose. I’ve seen it on her once before too a month back. it was a pretty small amount. I know that porphyrin can be a sign of respiratory infections. which scares me to no end bc im a smoker so im always scared about their...
  5. M

    Chronic Porphyrin

    Hi Everyone, first thread here! So I have two male rats (Bernie and Fievel) who are around 9 months old. One morning around 1.5 months ago I noticed some Porphyrin in his right eye and nostril. I took him to the vet, who told me is was most likely an infection in that eye and prescribed...
  6. O

    Red bump near rats eye? (Photos)

    I realised yesterday that Loki developed a small bump in the upper corner of his eye. There no porphyrin and it doesn’t seem to bother him. He’s about 8 months old if that helps, what could it be?
  7. O

    8m/o rat started discharging porphyrin from one eye this afternoon? (Photos)

    Hi all, I’m a little worried now and I’m looking for someone to guide me in what may be happening to my little man. This afternoon I’ve discovered that one of my boys was discharging porphyrin from his right eye. The eye itself doesn’t look infected or scratched. I’ve cleaned it off twice now...
  8. N

    Healthy Old Girl

    Hello Rat Family, I have a fairly healthy two year old girl, aside from the occasional sneeze. I took her to the vet and they put her on enrofloxacin (also baytril I believe, but i declined that medication due to lack of funds). She has seemed to sneeze a bit less now, but I've been thinking...
  9. O

    Is porphyrin normal around the nose when ratties wake up?

    Hi! My rats (6 months) have always seem to have had porphyrin around their noses when waking up from sleep or just naps. Is that normal? They get plenty of exercise, eat lots of fresh foods (along with their oxbow) and last had a vet check up about 3 months ago and seemed well.