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  1. H

    PT steroid name?

    I was recently readind a long thread about a rat that had symptoms of a pituitary tumor. My rat has all the same symptoms and im worried we are nearly out of time. Does anyone know the name of the steroid that is prescribed to rats for PTs? Our exotic pet vet moved away from our small city so...
  2. lystelle

    1.5 year old male rat showing possible signs of PT? stressing out lots over this :(

    my 1.5 year old male rat puffin has recently been very greasy. i thought at first maybe i needed to clean better, but his brother moose is doing just fine. he grooms lots, and has been looking ruffled and very greasy for the last two months. i knew this was something really different for him...
  3. F

    Stroke or Pitituary Tumor?

    Hi there! New here! So Tuesday (11/23) I suddenly noticed my rat (name is Roadhog, about 2 yrs old) had a head tilt and some trouble keeping balance. I took him into the vet the next day and got him on Prednisone and Vibramycin, which she suggested I keep him on for 10 days and to monitor him...
  4. Nathan

    PT: meloxicam and doxycycline

    Could a low dose of meloxicam reduce the swelling in the brain caused by a pituitary tumor in the early stages? And by doing this make it harder to find out that a PT is to be suspected? And if increased intracranial pressure is already an issue, would doxycycline exacerbate this even further?
  5. Nathan

    Suddenly walking in a different way

    Hi, I just noticed that Loesje is suddenly walking in a different way. Just like she is dragging her feet or stumbling a bit. And normally she is always on the move, but before I noticed her walking in a different way she stayed with me for a very long time. Could this be a PT sign...
  6. Nathan

    No emergency, do these symptoms match with PT?

    Are these symptoms exclusive to a pituitary tumor? Weight loss Falling when trying to climb into Sputnik before other symptoms Wanting to go on top of the cage every time, running around a bit and then going back in. More than first. Really not willing to go into travel carrier. Not drinking...
  7. Nathan

    Subtle signs of pituitary tumor?

    What are the subtle signs of a pituitary tumor before the obvious ones appear?
  8. Nathan

    Falling with PT?

    Could a fall cause a PT to rupture / bleed?
  9. Nathan

    Pituitary tumor or ear infection or stroke?

    How do you differentiate these three ailments from each other?
  10. Ela

    HELP with nerve damage?

    Hi all, I'm seeking help with our sweet 2 year old girl. The other morning we woke up and her body was rather limp, and she was squinting her eyes (lots of porphyryn)... nodding off falling asleep constantly. She seemed to me to be in pain, because she is always SO FULL OF LIFE. We thought...
  11. D


  12. Henishry

    Rat suddenly erratic

    Hello everyone, This morning while cleaning my girls cage, I noticed that my 22ish month old rat was behaving very different. She was running around her cage very erratically. She will occasionally run in circles and her back legs seems to be a bit weak. All together she seems unstable. I took...
  13. S

    11 month old rat off balance, lost weight, is it a PT?

    Hello, I’m wondering if anyone has any advice. I am taking my boy to an exotic vet tomorrow at 11 for a diagnosis. Over the past week my boy has lost weight, can’t eat his normal pellets and I’ve not seen him drink from his bottle, he’s always had an issue with his back left leg since about 6...
  14. Honeydewmelon

    Pituitary Tumor or Inner ear infection?

    Hi everyone, I have a 1 year old rat named Frida. Her cagemate just died of a pituitary tumor after 2 1/2 years on this earth. But before she died I asked to have the antibiotics for an inner ear infection from my vet, just in case it was an ear infection and she could get better. It was a...