1. N

    Traveling and need sitter for rats- help!

    Hello! I have two boys, both about 7 months. I’ll be traveling to europe this summer from June 29 until July 22. My friend offered to watch my boys but I’m not sure if she’s up for the involvement they need… and if her parents will let her keep them at her house. I doubt there are some pet...
  2. A

    New Rats with pet sitter for a week

    I’m going on vacation this Sunday but I’ve only had my rats for 2 weeks. Is it okay if I give them to a friend to pet sit for a week? Or will I be loosing important bonding time? I’m 99% sure I can’t bring them with me, but leaving them with someone else so soon makes me nervous.
  3. Mother of Mischief

    Where to find rat-sitter?

    I am going away for a couple weeks and need to find a rat-sitter. I do not know where to look nor what to do. In the past, my housemates have looked after my boys while I was away and, in exchange, I bought them a nice dinner -- or something similarly casual. That option is not available this...