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  1. P

    Rat Feeding Advice Needed: Healthy Diet for Picky Eaters???

    Hi all! My girlfriend and I adopted a couple of about 3 month old babies, Peanut Butter and Jelly, a little over a week ago and we're running into some obstacles as well as general questions surrounding feeding a healthy diet to some very picky eaters! We adopted them from PetSmart (before we...
  2. sutekkie

    Thoughts on Oxbow?

    Hi everyone! I am a new rat owner and I've been feeding my 3 mo. old boys the Oxbow mouse & young rat pellets as I know they make a really great hamster pellet formula. Upon doing more research I found that some experienced rat owners online are really against pellet/block diets for rats and I...
  3. Wolfie00

    New owner and diet!

    I recently just adopted a female dumbo rat who I adore so much. I plan on adopting another for her company but would love to get her diet straight. I feed oxbow garden select young rat and mouse. I heard the adult is better but she is a baby! Should I switch to the adult? I also give a sprinkle...
  4. MN Rat Pack

    is oxbow garden safe?

    Hello, My rats prefer the Oxbow Garden diet over the original. however, the ingredients include two types of grasses... does that count as hay?
  5. ViciousCurse

    Hay for rats

    While looking on Oxbow's website (to see if their essentials diet for rat was non-GMO or not), I came across that they recommended putting hay in yours rats' cage for nesting material. Is it worth it to spend the money and get them some hay? I saw something on one site saying that the oils found...
  6. ViciousCurse

    Rat block switch

    I currently switching my rats over from Kaytee rat food to Oxbow essentials. The reason I started this post is because I'm contemplating trying Oxbow's garden variety adult rat food. I won't be using this stuff in place of veggies, I'd just like to give some extra nutrients. My rats will still...
  7. Kyn

    Oxbow Regal Rat for Young Rats?

    I have three boys who are a little over 8 weeks old. Right now, I feed them the adult formula of Oxbow Regal Rat. I looked into getting them the young rat and mouse formula of Oxbow's, but wasn't too impressed with the ingredients (corn, etc.) Since baby rats need more protein than adults, I've...
  8. R

    Ran out of rat food

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I have run into a situation. I give my boys Oxbow brand adult rat food and I noticed that I was getting low so I went to the shop to go buy more but they are out. When asked, the worker said that they won't be getting any for about a week and a half from today...
  9. K

    Oxbow rat food

    i know this sounds really weird but anyways, I have 8 rats atm and I’ve always fed them oxbow essentials rat food I always bought the small 3lb bags till one day I saw on amazon a 20lb bag so I got that cuz i go through the 3lb bags sooo fast. Ever since I got the 20lb bag my rats have been...