1. S

    Switching milks?

    Hello! My name is Sam, i have had an orphaned baby roof rat for about a week now. I have had him slowly introduced to raw goats milk and he seems to be doing well on it. He’s very active and digests it well. But after some research I see soy based human formula is best for him and the goats milk...
  2. S

    Hello from Sam and baby

    Hello, my name is Sam and I’m a wildlife rehaber here in Miami Fl. The place I work does not take non native animals such as palm/roof rats. We got in an orphaned baby roof rat and I decided to take him home instead of letting him be euthanized. I have have had him/her for a little over a week...
  3. Dawn O

    1-2wk old baby rat.... help?

    So a co-worker brought in this poor little “feeder” baby rat. I took him to my vet but they said his odds are not good. I guess there’s a lot of issues with “feeder” rats, (inbreeding & illness) I really want this little guy to make it. I’m keeping him warm. Feeding him Esilmac every 3-4hrs. He...
  4. K

    Wild rat + domesticated rat

    I am currently trying to save a very young wild rat that was brought to me by my cat. I don’t know if he will make it, but if he does I will likely have to keep him as there are no rescues on my area and he seems to have some mobility issues. If he survives can I put him with a domestic rat his...