old rat

  1. Pandora

    Is this normal? dying or just old?

    I do take mochi out quite often, so I know hes a bit desensitized. I just dont know to what point it fear passing out or just that comfortable. Then theres the question, hes almost 2, so it could be arthritis or some underlying pain. Is he aging? Hopefully not dying yet. I may try a drop of cbd
  2. Courtney Carter

    Aging Rat Showing Odd New Behaviors

    Hello all, I have a boy named Fish, he’s 3 and the love of my life, I’ve had him since about four months and we’ve had such a good time together and still do. Recently, he’s developed some odd behaviors and I’m wondering if he could be approaching his final days or just being an old guy. He...
  3. ratazana

    I think 1 of my rats is dying? :(

    Hello, everyone So my rat is 2years and 8 months old. In the last 2 weeks he started getting sick. It all started with some noises when breathing, i took him to the vet and was prescribed azithromycin and also nebulization with 3 other meds. i did that for 2 weeks and then returned to the vet...
  4. jaymbsa

    is my rat just getting old?

    i have a pair of sisters and i’ve noticed over the last few weeks one of them becoming kind of lethargic? She still runs up when i open the cage, eats, drinks, cleans herself, and will take treats but is overall becoming much less active but her sister is just as energetic as always. they’re...
  5. Devon Picard

    Older rats and Anesthesia >_<

    Hello, so my Rat Hagrid has been dealing with an abscess issue on his cheek for the past several months. It'll go away and come back after a few months. This is the 3rd time. He was bitten on that same spot when he was younger when I tried to introduce him to a rat I already had, which I believe...
  6. 16kacha

    Old Rat foods?

    Does anyone know what to feed an older rat to help keep weight on them, but isnt too much protien for their kidneys?
  7. Lisa

    how to care for a older rat.....

    We have a colony of a total of 11 rats...8 girls and 3 boys. Our girls are in a double critter nation and our boys are in a smaller feisty ferret cage. We plan on introducing them as soon as our second CN arrives to give our babies more room. 7 of our girls are from the same litter and are...
  8. Rinrei

    Hurt/sick rat opinions

    My old rat appeared to have hurt himself while I was out of town. When I came home he was limping on one of his front paws. I thought that maybe he hurt one of his hands and decided to let it heal on its own and 3 days later his condition improved. But now it seems like it is declining. He is...
  9. Breanna LoCicero

    Swollen nipples + Tumor

    Hello, One of our rats, Sugar, has recently developed swollen nipples. Now, she does have a tumor, which you can see on her top left nipple. I am wondering if this is a result of the tumor or something else, because we’ve had multiple rats pass due to gigantic tumors — Shadow had 4 at once and...