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  1. R

    Glad to be here

    Hello, my family told me to join a rat forum because they were tired of hearing about rats constantly. I have never realy been part of a forum before and am excited. A little about me I have loved rats for as long as could remember when I was little I was obsessed with Michael Jackson so one day...
  2. RatPrincess


    Hi guys, My name is Kaligh. I've been interested in rats since I was a little girl but my family was anti rodent so I was never able to get some. I am finally fulfilling this dream in a few weeks and getting rats of my own from a breeder nearby(Ish). I'm super excited. Here is a little about...
  3. kalliedoss2022

    New rats not going to well

    We got 2 new 5 months old male rats yesterday. They poop every time we take them out of the cage. They don’t like to be taken out of their cage and they will grab onto the cage wires when I try to take them out. Help please their transitions is not moving as smoothly as it should and I need...
  4. kalliedoss2022


    hi everyone!!! we are new and we would like to purchase 2 rats we have a couple of questions 1- what gender is the best to buy? 2- Should we feed them rat food or buy approved fruits and veggies from the store 3- Is a fleece liner and potty training the way to go and where can I buy it 4- What...
  5. Zesana

    Cage Location

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and had a question. A little background, I had rats growing up and am finally able to add them to my life again but it's been so so so long since I had them that I have questions lol. I don't have them yet but am preparing so I can get them in the next month or so...
  6. R

    Adopting from a shelter

    In the future I plan to adopt a rat from a local shelter. Right now I have two rats. I will be sure to ask about their quarantine procedures, but I'm wondering if I would still need to be worried about diseases like sendai. From my understanding this disease and others like it only show...
  7. CLee421

    Met my new babies today!

    they are 3 weeks old. I get to take them home in 3 more weeks! I went to meet them today and pick out the lighter boy. I. Love. Them. Just had to share their preciousness :) 5BB6903E-2988-4754-A624-876C837E5EE0 by CLee421 posted Apr 7, 2019 at 8:46 PM 56B8EC79-3880-4D5F-9425-DC6B50FAD469 by...
  8. O

    Hello! New Rat Mom here!

    Hello all! My name is Lara, I'm from NH and I saved a little doe from becoming snake chow right around Christmas time! Her name is Daisy and we're still getting to know each other. This is my first rat, but I've been researching like crazy, and I hope to learn much more!
  9. A

    I'm New to the Website!

    Hullo! :o I'm Ann. I'm hoping to meet others with ratteries and to gain lots more information on rats! :D Pic: Meet my Latte! She is a sweet calm and timid rat. She is my only rat right now.
  10. CarlyMS

    I'm New Here!

    Hi all, I just joined The Rat Shack. I am from Ontario, Canada and am currently waiting for my two baby ratties to be ready to come home in a few weeks. I previously had a pair of boys, Bruce & Snoopy which I attached a photo. And a photo of my new baby girls:) (photos of babies not by me but...
  11. R

    WANTED ceramic food bowls (new)

    if u have any for a cheap price let me know
  12. sampeartree

    New rat owner - rats want nothing to do me!

    I just got my first 2 rats on Friday (today is Sunday so barely 3 full days). They're 6 weeks old and I got them at a locally owned independent pet store that sells them as either feeders (but plenty of people buy them as pets) so maybe my problem is that they weren't socialized at all. I guess...
  13. Akelas99

    Is She Sick?

    So I have two little rats, and recently the dominant one started getting dark red/brown discharge out her nose. She has periodic sneezing fits where she'll sneeze 4 or 5 times in a row, and she'll also do the solitary (wet) sneezes. I've only had them for maybe a month and a half, and I'm not...