1. Narf

    Advice on what to do with my boys needed please.

    Hi, I’m sorry if this is really long winded but I’m very stressed about this situation. I have 2 sets of brothers, the older set around 13 months and the younger set 7. they were introduced to eachother after a period of Quarantine and for around 5 months they all lived together fine. One of...
  2. J


    So my rat Winn started displaying some very aggressive behaviors towards me and his 3 cage mates right after i adopted 3 babies. I have 7 rats now all males, 4 adults (all about 7-8 months) and 3 babies (almost 3 m/o). The adults and babies were kept in separate cages and i have introduced them...
  3. maddiescoobs

    Vet in NH or Maine for neutering

    Hi everyone! I'm a frequent reader of this forum but new to posting, so hi! :) I was looking for some recomendations for a vet in New Hampshire or Maine to neuter my new male rat so he can move in with my pair of girls. I've called a few vets but not many seem to have much experience neutering...
  4. Y

    Aggressive issues with my adult male to my 6 month old male

    Hey guys! So first time posting here and i'm in need of some help! A few months ago my adult male (Bud) was in need of a new cagemate so I went out and got Norton who i believe was 8 weeks at the time. So i took him home, did the quarantine and was ready to start introductions..I started...
  5. R

    Neutering a male rat cost etc.

    Hi there, We just adopted two male rats age approx 2.5-3 months old. We are looking for a reasonably priced good vet in Vancouver BC area, Tri City area or Fraser Valley. Any suggestions? How much do you normally pay for this procedure? Thanks.
  6. erin’s rat pack

    2 very aggressive rats? HELP?

    Need some help with my boys! I have 4 rats altogether but they’re all pretty much in separate cages. I recently adopted two 1 year old males (Ash and Kiwi) in hopes of introducing them to my other rat Dakota (also around 1 year old) who just recently lost his brother. Dakota has not taken to...
  7. creative animal lover

    average total vet bills for rats

    I know this is basically useless because it depends on the vet, but my vet has been frustrating me lately, I don’t really like calling people I prefer email. But I emailed one location they said the vet at the other one could treat rats, I get an email from that specific exotic vet and she said...
  8. Bella Collins

    Neuter post op worried

    Hi everyone! I’m a new rat mommy, I got my two 3 month old boys neutered yesterday, one seems to be sipping along already, but my grey boy is being quite lethargic. An hour ago he was lying on his side in the cage breathing shallowly. He didn’t even respond when I touched him or moved his leg...