nasal congestion

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  1. DanielZielwolf

    Help: Severe Nasal Congestion

    Hi, One of my rats, Benji is almost 30 months old and has developed severe nasal congestion. He's always been a bit sneezy but never been much bothered by myco but it looks like it's finally caught up to him. He looks and sounds like he's really struggling to breathe. The vet said his lungs...
  2. DanielZielwolf

    Nasal Congestion

    Hi, One of my rats, Ari, has severe nasal congestion. He's constantly wheezing and sneezing like crazy. Flare-ups come and go every 90 minutes or so. We've got him on enrofloxacin and doxycycline and he's doing okay otherwise but in fact he's always been sniffly since I adopted him, it's just...