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  1. PiddlePod

    Sulforaphane (broccoli compound) for airway/lung disorders and infections

    Hey All-- So I've been dealing with my own pulmonary issues for about four weeks that had started out as the flu, that then turned into bronchitis (I have asthma) and after having issues clearing the bronchitis for about 14 days, my doctor just recently clarified the diagnosis on today as...
  2. A

    Medications online? help!

    My vet refuses to give extra doxycycline & enrofloxacin(baytril), I was told by many rat owners to ask for extra to have on hand for emergencies. my vet insists i’ll need to come in for another 400 exams and meds if they have another flare-up. I was told to buy doxy & enro online from a bird...