1. sweetcherrykai

    Rat has fur mites, can I use small cat or dog Revolution Medicine?

    Hi, Recently I had to put down my pet rat Alley, and when they examined her body afterwards they informed me they found signs of fur mites. After looking through my other rat's fur, I found she also was showing symptoms of a mite infestation. Unfortunately, after the cost of putting down Alley...
  2. Pandora


    Double post because I forgot to add tags on the first one It seems I can't get a break when it comes to bugs on my animals. . . . . . . . I just found little red mites on all four of my boys.... I rubbed them down with coconut oil to soothe the itching and hopefully kill off some of the...
  3. Kiraa


    My boys recently have had lice AND mites. It’s very unfortunate that a few years ago I had one with lice and he unfortunately passed away after we couldn’t get them off of him. Now that we’re more educated, we looked up ways to get rid of them. I cleaned their cage with 1/10 part of bleach and...
  4. orangeK

    Are these mites?

    I have three rats (1 black, 2 b&w). I've noticed small red/orange/brown flakes/specks on the white ones' fur (I'm sure they're on the black as well, but I can't see them). You can't really see their color but you can see their size in the photo. They don't have a lot of them and I only see...
  5. Corinna Bridges

    Eczema in rats?

    My new 6-week old rats developed eczema shortly after arriving at our house. The only change to diet was that I introduced a little Oxbow young mouse/rat food (they were solely on the Adult Oxbow formula), as well as a variety of raw veggies and fruit. The only thing they really seem to like is...
  6. Kyn


    Good thing my boys are cute because they have been so much trouble lol... Okay, so I posted here over a month ago because I noticed scabbing on my rats. Most people thought it was rat mites so I ordered Kitten Revolution, but by the time it came in the scabs had all but disappeared. However...
  7. Kyn

    Possible Overgrooming in Young Rats, Scabs on Sides?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here! Excited to be apart of this lovely community~ I recently got three beautiful boys from a breeder in early January. They were about 6 weeks old when I got them, so they are probably about 9 weeks old now. I recently noticed that two of them (a...
  8. J

    Mites! Please help! :(

    I am so upset. I’ve done everything I could to keep them and their cage clean. My two ratties have mites. I’ve looked all over and found that kitten revolution is what most people used to treat it. I don’t have the money to take them to a vet just be told what I already know. But every website I...
  9. J

    Hair loss, red sores around mouth and constant itching!

    When these symptoms first began I took my rat Rosie to the vet, they said it was most likely mites so both my rats have now been treated for mites and I've cleaned everything thoroughly. Rosie was also on antibiotics for her sores, but she just started to get worse so I took her back a few...
  10. A

    Help with moxidectin!

    My poor girl has mites and i bought moxidectin gel but i cant seem to find out much info on how to distribute to rats? Do i give it to her orally or apply it to affected area?? And how much?? Please help
  11. O

    Does Buck Grease Flake??

    Hello all, I haven’t posted in a while- hope everyone is alright!:p Today I noticed some orange, tiny flakes on my rattie boys. I was worried it might be mites or fleas but I found no scabs, the flakes don’t move and my boys don’t seem to be scratching any more than usual. They both have a lot...
  12. O

    Rats Mites Came Back. Absolutely Infuriated.

    I honestly can’t believe it:mad: I went through extensive cleaning, spent loads of money to buy new toys (at least they can all be washed now- no wood!) and spent a tonne on treatments. I even got my carpets and mattress professionally cleaned (since that’s where my boys like to run around. I...
  13. O

    URGENT: Mites on Rats/Wooden Toys/Cage Cleaning?

    Hello all! I literally just created an account to get advice So about a week ago I treated my dog for fleas and the other day I found mites on my ratties I’m lucky to be in the UK because we have some pretty good spot-on for rats with ivermectin (called beaphar) which should arrive on...