mammary tumour

  1. RattoPazzo

    Mammary tumor

    Hi everyone! A lump sprouted seamingly from one day to the next on my 21 month old rat. Is it likely to be a mammary tumor? if so, how long can I wait before surgery? I just had my other rat go throw that for 4 lumps and was hoping to have a bit more time before another helth scare... She also...
  2. Alexyss

    Tumor Removal For Houdini

    Hello, my little rats name is Houdini. I originally named her that about a year ago because she was able to escape her cage the first few nights I had her, thus making her a little escape artist. She is the sweetest little baby. Houdini loves to cuddle and sleep on my chest under a blanket but...
  3. S

    Strange symptoms one week after mammary tumour removal?

    Hi everyone. So one of my girls Parsley had a mammary tumour removed by my experienced exotics vet just over a week ago, and other than a little bit of an infection that seems to have cleared up with antibiotics, and a fluid sack under the skin which has now gone, she has been doing well...