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  1. M

    Three Lovely Boys Need a Home in Southwest Florida!

    Unfortunately, I have to move across the country to the coast and I can't bring my three sweet boys with me as I was originally planning :( and I need someone who can take them ASAP! They HAVE to stay together! They all have very close bonds and I cannot take the idea of them parting from each...
  2. Jposs

    Lone rat

    This is Sam and Mouse I had two intact males together for 2 years. One just passed and the second was devastated. I decided to get him a big family to cheer him up. First I brought home two unaltered boys about 4 months old. They are not related. Introductions went swimmingly. Sam , my old man...

    Suddenly agressive rat

    I have two male rats Jordy and Nelson. Just today I noticed Jordy seperated from Nelson and being unusually lethargic and affectionate to me during his free time. Usually I can find them both relaxing under my bed on the storage lid they like to lay on but today I found him resting on the foot...
  4. erin’s rat pack

    2 very aggressive rats? HELP?

    Need some help with my boys! I have 4 rats altogether but they’re all pretty much in separate cages. I recently adopted two 1 year old males (Ash and Kiwi) in hopes of introducing them to my other rat Dakota (also around 1 year old) who just recently lost his brother. Dakota has not taken to...
  5. lillywithluv

    Do My Rats Like Each other?

    so I recently got a new baby boy. I have two other boys that are around the same age but a little bigger, that are very strongly bonded together. today is the second day with our new baby, and the other boys don't seem to mind. the thing I'm worried about is they don't take interest in him...
  6. Jessica marie

    Most loved toys

    HI guys! I'm just wondering what your ratties favorite toys are (pictures if you have them, please)...I currently have two boys (getting four more around the end of the month)...I love just observing them playing/chewing, and really enjoy making them toys myself, but I'm getting discouraged. I...