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  1. R

    Glad to be here

    Hello, my family told me to join a rat forum because they were tired of hearing about rats constantly. I have never realy been part of a forum before and am excited. A little about me I have loved rats for as long as could remember when I was little I was obsessed with Michael Jackson so one day...
  2. Dahlix

    Need introduction advice: better to keep separate or try intros again?

    My original two girls: Dahlia and Trixie (feeder rats) 2nd lot of girls: Sylvia and Auri (breeder rats) When Dahlia and Trixie were around a year old I got Sylvia and Auri from a breeder, along with a third rat, Celeste. Long story short, Celeste was very aggressive and during the original...
  3. Skaven

    Baby rat terrified - how to help?

    Hello! I got a baby rat (6-8 weeks by looks, but don't know for sure - what do you think? That's him: https://imgur.com/a/9QOMLS2 ), and he's been shaking in fear in the carrier since yesterday. He pees and have soft poops everytime I come near carrier. I added a cardboard house for him to...
  4. S


    hi guys! I’m not a native English speaker, but since this is one of the only forums with a lot of activity, I thought I should join! So I had to put down my old rat a week ago. My other rat, Pepper, is 1,5 years old. I didn’t want to get a rat which is around the same age, because I know that...
  5. R

    Girl Rat Shenanigans - Baby Rats

    I have had boy rats for about four years and never had too many issues with escaping or introductions. I recently however had my last unneutered male pass away and decided to take the opportunity to try girl rats (Buffy and Illyria). My first impressions were that they definitely had more energy...
  6. zJoker

    New baby rat wheezing

    Hello, Just took home a 4 weeks old baby boy from the breeder today. On the car ride back and after he reached his new home, he started making grunting noises. (Similar to this video: ) He doesn’t constantly sound like that but when it happens, it’s really loud. I have Baytril and Doxy meds...
  7. R

    Introductions (With a special needs rat)

    This is my first time introducing rats and so far I think everything is going well but I'm not sure. I originally had two girls and I recently added another to the family. The new rat, Subie, has some neurological issues, she walks off balance and has a head tilt. I kept Subie away from my...
  8. Gailrin

    Hello thar! (✿◠‿◠)

    About me, I spend most of my days tending to my girls, hiking, or painting. I love doing Rat related artwork and themes. I'm married with no kids, but a lot of house plants and way more free time than any person should have access too. My meme game is also terrible, I tend to fall behind on...
  9. C

    Is my rat being dramatic?

    Hello all, first post alert so bear with me. I have 2 adult females. One regular size, one dwarf. They get along great. I got 6 babies and after a long period of quarantine and waiting for the babies to be a little bigger, I introduced them all using the carrier method. As the cages got bigger...
  10. elricsgirl

    Spay Aftercare

    Hello Everyone, I'm new here. I have a 1.5 year old rat named Mulan. She is a rescued lab rat and the sweetest little thing. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community!
  11. Rach Manatee

    Nelly and Pheobe

    These are my two ratties. Nelly is the all black and Pheobe is the white with black spot and head. They are about 8 months old now. These pictures are kinda old
  12. hannahallie101

    Aggressive Rat During Intoductions

    So, I’ve been trying to introduce my two babes and my older rat together. I’ve been following all the intoduction steps and so far, everything has gone really well. Yesterday was the first time we introduced them. We introduced them in the tub, a neutral place for both parties. The babies were...
  13. A

    Trouble with introductions

    I have three girls, two of them live together and the other was in quarantine for lice. She is a rescue, she was surrendered to my local pet shop in a tiny cage by herself. She is an absolute sweetheart when it comes to people, loves playing and giving kisses. When it comes to other rats, it's a...
  14. Ratmama17

    I’m excited to be here!!

    Hello everyone! I currently have 3 ratties in a double CN (I know that’s pretty spacious but I’m planning on saving many more when I move out of my parents house) -Immie is my sweet girl. I’m not sure how old she is. I work at a pet store and someone brought her in in a 10 gallon tank by...
  15. Mr.Biggiesworth

    Just joined & 1st time posting on the internet! Hi!

    Hi Everyone, I’ve recently joined as I find I browse through website a lot & maybe it’s about time I try something I haven’t done before: join an internet group and post. And yes, I’m nervous haha. So please pardon if I’ve done this wrong or make errors, I’m a 100% beginner at this! I...