injured rat

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  1. Saturnsdeath

    Hurt my rat's tail! Help!

    I was putting my rat Rosaline back in her cage after some play time and I don't quite know what happened, but I think I knicked her tail when closing it. I feel so bad and I need to know if I should take her to the vet or just try and aid it at home.
  2. Caitlin

    please help my rats are fighting :(

    I have two male rats who are 8 months old and are brothers so have lived together their whole lives and never had any problem. Recently, the bigger rat (william) has been picking on the smaller one (james) to the point where he actually gets fluffed up and bites james leaving cuts in his skin. I...
  3. C


    im in serious need of suggestions on what to do here. I have a momma rat who had 9 babies 3 weeks ago today, they were all healthy and everything was well. They outgrew their nursery so I moved them into the top level of my DCN cage with their momma rat last night. On the bottom of the cage is a...
  4. Angelrattie

    Rat's Tail Gone HELP

    I don't really know how it happened but one of my rats tails got caught in the door and broken off. I hadn't closed the door at all and it seemed like a normal feeding session when she all of a sudden started screaming and running in circles. She frightened me and her sisters a lot. The two...