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  1. Courtney Carter

    Rescued baby rat possibly pregnant? Help..

    Hello I rescued some little baby ratties recently, picked them up from an off situation, feeder rescue essentially, I’ve done it before with my last two boys. But I ended up with girls this time! Smell is a lot better with ladies I’ll be honest, and I just miss having girls. Well, I was pretty...
  2. Y

    music of mice / look here :)

    Your mice will always be happy thanks to the music in the program :) 30 Day Free Trial Download You can download and install the program I tried it very well :)
  3. lystelle

    is this a UTI or something else?

    Hi, my young boy Moose is having some sort of issue. He's generally healthy aside from some allergies, and is about 9 months old. Recently I noticed if he would pee on my arm or something as males do, it smelled very strong and unusual. Yesterday I was doing a checkup on him as I usually do, the...
  4. The Rat Kave

    Is My Rat Ok?

    My oldest rat , Poppie,(approx. 5 months) has started to worry me. Recently they had all gotten sick(she was second to do so I believe), since then they've all had meds and the one who was the worst off, Aster, is now almost completely fine(it's two days after the end of giving them medicine...
  5. S

    Children's Benadryl Dosage and Information

    Hello. I have a rat who has been having sneezes for a few weeks. Everything seems normal and it doesn't seem to be a URI. She is eating, drinking, playing like a normal 6-month-old rat. I also listen to her chest every day and haven't heard much if any congestion. I tried antibiotics I had from...
  6. K

    My Rats Energy

    A couple of months ago I got my two rats Pigeon and Luna. At first Luna was really active and Pigeon was still active but a bit less than Luna. However a couple of weeks ago I noticed that Pigeon was really lethargic and when I take her out she doesn’t want to play and sits down and sleeps. Is...
  7. P

    Rat peeing a lot of blood

    Please help, on Tuesday night I noticed my rat Hector peeing blood. I phoned up the vet the next morning and I got a appointment that afternoon. He’s been put on Baytril for what we hope is just a UTI. However the bleeding seems to have gotten worse today (Thursday). I’ve attached a picture of...
  8. I

    Can rats get sick from eating too much?

    I have read online that they have the ability to eat just when they’re hungry but for some reason my babies always seem to be hungry and i’m scared that giving them food such as Yogis will make them sick even if they are made for rats and other small animals.
  9. jaymbsa

    is my rat just getting old?

    i have a pair of sisters and i’ve noticed over the last few weeks one of them becoming kind of lethargic? She still runs up when i open the cage, eats, drinks, cleans herself, and will take treats but is overall becoming much less active but her sister is just as energetic as always. they’re...
  10. Gracey31399

    Random scabby lump

    Does anyone know what this can be?? Had a small lump last week now it looks scabbed? Any help would be great :) He's one yr seven months
  11. R

    Boys eating fleece

    I have three male, un-neutered rats in a double Ferret Nation, and I use a fleece lining for the plastic pans. This method has worked great for about a year, but recently, they've taken to eating the fleece. I first noticed it when my oldest boy, about 2+ years old, injured his leg in a fall...
  12. R

    HELP!! Rat's bone exposed??

    Hello! I have three rat's and the one in the images below got an abscess drained by the vet. She had a deformed tooth that caused the abscess and it seemed to be healing well. I just finished giving her, her antibiotics and put her back in her cage with the other rats yesterday (I separated them...
  13. DoodleSmythe

    Male rat, lump in abdomen - advice needed please!

    I am researching anything that could help my boy and could use some advice please. Reggie has developed a lump inside his abdomen on one side. I felt it last week and took him to our vet right away. When we got there, the vet wasn't sure if there was a lump and, strangely, I struggled to find...
  14. B


    In my home it is 73f and the humidity is at a constant 23% and i can not get it up. I have a humidifier and i was reading about the humidifier and noticed it says Ultrasonic. Now im wondering if my rat is in discomfort. i have only been using it for less than a day so im not sure. please help...
  15. Corinna Bridges

    Eczema in rats?

    My new 6-week old rats developed eczema shortly after arriving at our house. The only change to diet was that I introduced a little Oxbow young mouse/rat food (they were solely on the Adult Oxbow formula), as well as a variety of raw veggies and fruit. The only thing they really seem to like is...
  16. Corinna Bridges

    Question from new rat owner in Vermont

    Hello All, My family has just welcomed 2, 5-week old boy rats into our home (Acorn and Spots). While myself and the kids are thrilled, my husband is very concerned about the spread of disease to one of our children (we have 3). I grew up with rats as pets and never suffered any illness because...
  17. Isabellapauline

    rat not pooping after surgery??

    my sweet little daisy who’s just over a year old just got a mammary tumor removed yesterday morning. she’s doing really good now and is starting to seem like her old self again. but the kicker is she hasn’t pooped since she went under. she hasn’t pooped since yesterday now and it’s starting to...
  18. B


    Hi! I am still very new in this community, I have owned 1 rat before and now have 2 male rats, 1 recently has been acting.... weird over the past week. He has been tilting his head and hasn’t been able to balance. He is still eating and seems normal besides this but it still worries me as I’ve...
  19. Devon Picard

    Older rats and Anesthesia >_<

    Hello, so my Rat Hagrid has been dealing with an abscess issue on his cheek for the past several months. It'll go away and come back after a few months. This is the 3rd time. He was bitten on that same spot when he was younger when I tried to introduce him to a rat I already had, which I believe...
  20. Emy

    Urgent post surgery chewing scabs

    Nini had surgery to remove a large tumor on the 19th. She has stitches from her arm to her mid stomach side. Her stomach and side are fine and healing nicely. But she has been chewing the scabs off her arm the last few days. I have tried to wrap it, impossible for me to wrap her tiny arm and she...