health issues

  1. SunflowerPop

    Ovary/Liver(?) Tumor in 1 Yr. Old Female Rat

    Hi all, I haven't posted in a while but I'd thought I'd hop on and ask about something. To make a long story short, my youngest female rat (who was a rescue that was orig. a feeder) developed a large lump on her side. I took her to the vet and she got an xray. The vet said that she has a...
  2. M

    Need help diagnosing reason for hair loss

    My eldest female rat (~1.6yo) has been loosing hair in one single patch on her head over the past few weeks. She had a Myco infection about 2 months ago and was cured with Baytril and Doxy (but is still on low dose Baytril). She lives with 2 other young rats that are in good health. I do not see...
  3. Kye

    Debating getting him PTS

    My old man Tobi is basically 2 years now. Never been really sick and was treated once as a baby (8 weeks) he was acting a little off yesterday and today he's... Well the video shows it. He has barely eaten any baby food- it's the only thing we can get in him right now.
  4. Venus_rat

    Rat Porphyrin

    My rat woke up with porphyrin all over her nose, mouth, her right eye and all over her hands. She looked like she got punched. Her lungs sound fine, but she's a little lethargic. She's been this way for two days. I don't know what to do. Is she sick or is this normal? Also, I don't actually...
  5. J

    Strange bump under eye? Should I be worried?

    Hello! I have a male hairless who's almost 2 years old. Tonight while flushing his eyes we noticed this little bump under the inner corner of his bottom left eyelid. It's not obstructing his eye at all, and is very small and squishy to the touch. It doesn't seem to be causing him any pain. He...
  6. A

    Wobbly & Head Tilt

    So, a month and a half ago one of my does gave birth to an unexpected litter. Long story short, she looked like her brothers, and was placed in the wrong cage; the new rat, Murtagh, was the father. He passed away recently. Unfortunately, one of the babies, Onyx, has begun to show the same signs...
  7. B


    Hi! I am still very new in this community, I have owned 1 rat before and now have 2 male rats, 1 recently has been acting.... weird over the past week. He has been tilting his head and hasn’t been able to balance. He is still eating and seems normal besides this but it still worries me as I’ve...
  8. Devon Picard

    Older rats and Anesthesia >_<

    Hello, so my Rat Hagrid has been dealing with an abscess issue on his cheek for the past several months. It'll go away and come back after a few months. This is the 3rd time. He was bitten on that same spot when he was younger when I tried to introduce him to a rat I already had, which I believe...
  9. C

    rat with rectal prolapse, please help!!

    hello! as read in the title, i believe my rat may have a mild to moderate rectal prolapse and i am extremely worried on what exactly to do. i am a first time rat owner, currently owning two for almost three months. they’ve been completely fine during these three months, as i’ve been so...
  10. Kiraa

    Wobbling and bloody nose?

    My male Rat named Melkey has been sneezing blood occasionally ever since we got him. I got him from an abusive household in where he was dipped in cologne and thrown against a wall. We have had him for five months, and the past few weeks he has been wobbling. He eats his food sideways, drinks...
  11. MysticMorgz

    Chronic Porphyrin

    Hi Everyone, first thread here! So I have two male rats (Bernie and Fievel) who are around 9 months old. One morning around 1.5 months ago I noticed some Porphyrin in his right eye and nostril. I took him to the vet, who told me is was most likely an infection in that eye and prescribed...
  12. O

    Rat seemed to have developed a lump overnight? Is this an abscess or tumour?

    Hello all, I’m really in need of some advice here. I have a male fancy rat, he’s about 1.5 yrs old, 800g and not neutered. I realised today that he seemed to have developed a soft lump with a slightly sunken centre and squishy all around, but a little irregular. Easily moved around basically...
  13. Mialee

    Mycoplasma in Rats

    Are there any rat owners who have experience with rats with mycoplasma flare-ups and can explain what it actually is? In February I adopted a 1 year old female rat from the adoption section of a pet store. She was a lone rat and had been neglected by her previous owner - little was said about...
  14. Angelrattie

    Irritated Eye Lids on Rat

    My girl has had irritated eyelids for about a week now and I don't know what to do. She hasn't shown any signs of illness besides the obvious redness around the eyelid. Her behavior seems normal to me. Although she has been grooming herself around her head/eyes a bit more than usual. I'm not...
  15. Lily Jones

    Small pink lump on lower belly

    So, this is my first post on here but I figured I’d ask about something I noticed on my sweet girl, Venus. I got Venus with her sister, Neptune, last April from a local pet store. Yes, I know to try to avoid pet stores but it was a mom and pop store so I felt a little safer getting my girls from...
  16. S

    Baby rat in need of help

    Hey everyone, ive been breeding rats for a while now, and while examining my litter, j found a cyst of some sort on my two week old dumbo male. Does anyone know what this is and why it appeared so suddenly? Please help, i dont want this to cause him to pass at such a young age.
  17. Pippin and Merry

    Rat with Paraphimosis

    At least it seems similar to paraphimosis from what i've read on Rat Health Guide. Poor boy got his bits stuck outside last night and I've been trying to help him while waiting to get him into the vet. I've tried a few things (that were recommended on RHG) to get his junk back in, but nothing...