1. A


    Where can I purchase revolution online? I don’t have vet approval or prescription. I live in the US. My newest rat came with fleas or lice from the pet shop and I can’t seem to get them taken care of.
  2. SunflowerPop

    Fleas and Cage Items(?)

    So my boys have (had) fleas. They've been to the vet and have now been treated with Advantage, but I still have a question. They have a little fluffy bed (this one) and they absolutely adore it, but of course it's covered in fleas. Would it do anything to put it in the freezer for a couple days...
  3. P


    So, I was trying to snuggle with my wiggle worms yesterday, and I noticed that one of my rats had dandruff on his back, and so I was playing around with his fur, and noticed that there was a bunch of red dots. I thought it was buck grease or something, till I noticed some of these dots were...
  4. O

    Does Buck Grease Flake??

    Hello all, I haven’t posted in a while- hope everyone is alright!:p Today I noticed some orange, tiny flakes on my rattie boys. I was worried it might be mites or fleas but I found no scabs, the flakes don’t move and my boys don’t seem to be scratching any more than usual. They both have a lot...
  5. O

    Rats Mites Came Back. Absolutely Infuriated.

    I honestly can’t believe it:mad: I went through extensive cleaning, spent loads of money to buy new toys (at least they can all be washed now- no wood!) and spent a tonne on treatments. I even got my carpets and mattress professionally cleaned (since that’s where my boys like to run around. I...
  6. O

    URGENT: Mites on Rats/Wooden Toys/Cage Cleaning?

    Hello all! I literally just created an account to get advice So about a week ago I treated my dog for fleas and the other day I found mites on my ratties I’m lucky to be in the UK because we have some pretty good spot-on for rats with ivermectin (called beaphar) which should arrive on...
  7. RatsDrawBlood

    Do nematodes infect rats? Do rats infect people?

    Is it dangerous (for people) to have pet rats? I was looking up how to keep rats from picking up fleas from soil in dig boxes. (It says you first bake the soil to kill any eggs/larvae/etc.) Happened to notice it said put nematodes in your yard to help keep the soil from having fleas. (Says...