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  1. J

    Strange bump under eye? Should I be worried?

    Hello! I have a male hairless who's almost 2 years old. Tonight while flushing his eyes we noticed this little bump under the inner corner of his bottom left eyelid. It's not obstructing his eye at all, and is very small and squishy to the touch. It doesn't seem to be causing him any pain. He...
  2. Grace

    HELP! Rat eye injury!

    My rats were pretty newly introduced to each other. So occasionally, they have little fights for domance. Tonight they were fighting and I heard a louder than usual squeak so I immediately came and checked them out. One off my rats’ eye was bleeding and turned red. Much like the red eyes of...
  3. Cece

    My rats eye gets sealed closed

    One of my rats left eye keeps getting glued shut with what I think is eye gunk (like people & dogs get too, you know?) I fix it by pressing a warm cloth/papertowel/napkin to it and eventually she can open her eye but when I don't catch it (like when I'm alseep) she scratches and it makes around...