1. Lefty

    Rat’s Eye is cloudy but not swollen? [UPDATED]

    Hey, my rat Rufus was completely normal and then when I checked on him last night he had a cloudy squinted eye and was tearing up with perforin (the red stuff that looks like blood but isn’t). He was acting completely normal though other than that. I talked to my friend who went to vet school...
  2. Katiebug9806

    What’s on his eye?

    I noticed today. It looks like my rat has a stye on his bottom eyelid? Or a cyst? I don’t know how to care for it, or even what it is. If anyone has any advice or tips I would appreciate it
  3. Grace

    HELP! Rat eye injury!

    My rats were pretty newly introduced to each other. So occasionally, they have little fights for domance. Tonight they were fighting and I heard a louder than usual squeak so I immediately came and checked them out. One off my rats’ eye was bleeding and turned red. Much like the red eyes of...
  4. Cece

    My rats eye gets sealed closed

    One of my rats left eye keeps getting glued shut with what I think is eye gunk (like people & dogs get too, you know?) I fix it by pressing a warm cloth/papertowel/napkin to it and eventually she can open her eye but when I don't catch it (like when I'm alseep) she scratches and it makes around...
  5. H

    Rats eye has a large white spot?

    Today i noticed one of my female juvenile hairless rats had a large white spot in her eye? Its really worrying me
  6. C

    Eye Infection. Warning: Graphic

    My rat, Rim, was apart of one of two liters I accidentally had almost two years ago. She was born March 26, 2016. I currently have 14 and I've done years of research and reading to know everything I can about them to ensure they receive the proper care and diet. But I honestly have no idea what...
  7. O

    Red bump near rats eye? (Photos)

    I realised yesterday that Loki developed a small bump in the upper corner of his eye. There no porphyrin and it doesn’t seem to bother him. He’s about 8 months old if that helps, what could it be?
  8. O

    8m/o rat started discharging porphyrin from one eye this afternoon? (Photos)

    Hi all, I’m a little worried now and I’m looking for someone to guide me in what may be happening to my little man. This afternoon I’ve discovered that one of my boys was discharging porphyrin from his right eye. The eye itself doesn’t look infected or scratched. I’ve cleaned it off twice now...
  9. xjad0re

    Eye lump after enucleation.

    Hi guys, Just wanted some advice for my male rat, Bean. He had surgery almost 2 weeks ago to remove one of his eyes. It was all healing up well, and he was on Metacam for pain relief as well as Baytril to stop any infection. Now, there is a massive lump in the area. Do you think it’s an...