eye infection

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  1. E

    Is this an abscess or eye infection?

    Hi! My hairless rat suddenly got this hard lump under his eye a few days ago. I separated him from my other rats because he likes to start fights & it gets him hurt too easily. My initial thought is that this is an abscess but it hasn't popped yet. I haven’t seen pics online of an abscess in the...
  2. Katiebug9806

    What’s on his eye?

    I noticed today. It looks like my rat has a stye on his bottom eyelid? Or a cyst? I don’t know how to care for it, or even what it is. If anyone has any advice or tips I would appreciate it
  3. Angelrattie

    Irritated Eye Lids on Rat

    My girl has had irritated eyelids for about a week now and I don't know what to do. She hasn't shown any signs of illness besides the obvious redness around the eyelid. Her behavior seems normal to me. Although she has been grooming herself around her head/eyes a bit more than usual. I'm not...
  4. Quinn

    Red bump on my rats eye?

    Hello! So my rat Steve has been spotted with this little red bump on the back corner of his eye tonight and I'm quite worried as I recently lost another one of my boys to a nose infection and don't want to keep this too late. I first noticed it a few days ago while cleaning the cage that...