ear infection

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  1. B

    My Rat wont Eat

    A couple weeks ago I took my 2 year old rat to the vets just to check on her breathing. The vet said she was perfectly find nothing to worry. So I went home and just went day by day. I noticed she wasn't really eating and drinking little and acting a little weird. I decided to weigh her and she...
  2. S

    11 month old rat off balance, lost weight, is it a PT?

    Hello, I’m wondering if anyone has any advice. I am taking my boy to an exotic vet tomorrow at 11 for a diagnosis. Over the past week my boy has lost weight, can’t eat his normal pellets and I’ve not seen him drink from his bottle, he’s always had an issue with his back left leg since about 6...
  3. A

    Wobbly & Head Tilt

    So, a month and a half ago one of my does gave birth to an unexpected litter. Long story short, she looked like her brothers, and was placed in the wrong cage; the new rat, Murtagh, was the father. He passed away recently. Unfortunately, one of the babies, Onyx, has begun to show the same signs...
  4. S

    5 week old with ear infection, antibiotics are not helping

    I recently adopted three sisters together. All of them are 4-5 weeks old (my best guess). Very small still. I didn't realize that one of them was sick until I brought her home. Day 1 she couldn't even sit up. She would just endlessly roll over and flop on her sides. I found out that my family...
  5. destiny seymour

    Improvement of life

    My oldest boy and the father to all my babies, has had an ear infection which caused a head tilt, he has been to the vet and is already on antibiotics and eye drops, I just wanted to know if there’s anything I can do do make his life more fun, he sleeps a bit now because of recovery but he...
  6. Honeydewmelon

    Pituitary Tumor or Inner ear infection?

    Hi everyone, I have a 1 year old rat named Frida. Her cagemate just died of a pituitary tumor after 2 1/2 years on this earth. But before she died I asked to have the antibiotics for an inner ear infection from my vet, just in case it was an ear infection and she could get better. It was a...
  7. M

    Young rat with head tilt: help !

    I have a 10 week old rat called Beryl who has had a head tilt for about 2 weeks. She is on baytril two times a day and panacur once but she seems to be getting worse. She is active and eats and drinks well, but she tends to run in circles. I can’t tell if it’s an ear infection or a PT. can...
  8. lawless

    head tilt?

    hiya! my boy has started some... behavior i just cannot put my finger on im pretty experienced with rats, ive been caring for them and owning them for a very very long time now but this has me a little puzzled? hes really got me stumped! anyway, benvolio is 8 months old and hes started noticably...