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  1. I

    Oops litter of 11 california dumbos- looks like!

    I’m in California with an oops litter of 11. A 6 week old rat I just got from a breeder a couple weeks ago ended up being pregnant and gave birth to 11 babies last Wednesday. The new babies are 7 days old, healthy and will be handled each day starting day 5. Cute and squirmy and looking like a...
  2. Pandora


    Hey so, I have never adopted a rat before. I usually get mine from a local breeder. I adopted my first rat not too long ago. He is very skiddish and if picked up will run. He sometimes lets me pet his head and ears but also bites if given the chance. I did a stupid thing and tried to pick him...
  3. D

    Baby dumbo boys! What do you call their fur color?

    Hey! I’m picking up my two new fur babies in two weeks. They’re two male dumbo rats. what do you call their fur markings/colors? ABC36CCE-AB63-47E2-B61F-BE635B4D2F18 by Danique posted Oct 24, 2019 at 12:36 AM0277B451-C3EF-4F7E-955F-B6E2D4701C09 by Danique posted Oct 24, 2019 at 12:36 AM
  4. C

    Re-homing two baby rats

    We’re looking to re-home two rats, about 2 months old. One is a dumbo (male) and the other is a hooded (female). My daughter has discovered she’s very allergic. We'd be willing to drive the rats with two separate cages/supplies up to a 60 mile radius of Raleigh, NC to a new home. We were going...
  5. Yvette F

    Canada (Other) Seeking to rehome two precious female rats (GTA)

    Hello everyone! My husband and I are sad to be unable to take our rats across the country with us as we move to Alberta. I have tried a number of people with regards to rehoming them, but haven’t been able to find anyone. Even if we could bring them to AB (it’s against the law), they wouldn’t...
  6. spankaroo

    spanky, pico, and churro!!

    hi, my name is shay, and i currently have three rats!! spanky (mink/white hooded agouti) male 11 months old dumbo rat purchased from breeder lives alone (after several attempts at pairing has resulted in injury/death to other rats) high energy, fiesty, loves people on his own terms pico...
  7. K

    About 20 Dumbo and Fancy Rat Babies in Need of a Home in CT!

    I have a very large accidental litter on my hands. These babies are very small, cute, and social. They would do amazingly in any home. I have both females and males for adoption. If anyone is willing to take any off my hands, that would be amazing! I am located in Windsor, CT, but am willing to...
  8. K

    About 20 Dumbo and Fancy Rats Need a New Home in CT!

    Hello! A little while ago, my brother was not paying attention to our rats and now we have a large litter of babies and no place to put them! I am located in Windsor, CT. I am willing to drive a ways to find these little guys new homes! These babies are very tiny, quite adorable, and quite...
  9. R

    1 Dumbo Rat Boy in Need of New Home - SEATTLE

    Hi new member here in a bit of a bind! Really mad at myself but I got duped; I needed female rat friend for my current rat ( she was originally a feeder rat so she did not have any litter mates when I adopted her). I managed to find a breeder but I was in a rush when I picked up the rat, and...