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  1. M

    My current rat free roam room setup for daily playtime

    This is my first post here! I’m not sure if I’m putting this thread in the right spot, but I hope this is okay. Today’s new and improved playroom setup! I posted looking for advice on several rat forums and groups and these are the improvements I’ve made so far! To add height I moved the...
  2. O

    Good quick play areas?

    Hey rat pack, So my girls are starting to become more explorative and I'm hesitant to let them play outside their cage. I don't have much when it comes to large spaces, plus we have a few cats who are curious. I could probably set up something on top of my bed. Something easily foldable to store...
  3. O

    Fleece cage liner and magnets?

    Hey Rat pack! I got a question. So I've been using fleece for my bottom cage liner with a litter pan in the corner. Thing is, the girls nudge and move the fleece, making a big mess! The bottom pan is wide and metal, so I was thinking of laying down magnets, but I don't want them to chew the...
  4. Jessica marie

    Most loved toys

    HI guys! I'm just wondering what your ratties favorite toys are (pictures if you have them, please)...I currently have two boys (getting four more around the end of the month)...I love just observing them playing/chewing, and really enjoy making them toys myself, but I'm getting discouraged. I...
  5. Jessica marie

    Flour and water chew treats

    HI guys!! so, when I was little, I would mix up flour and water to a play doh consistency then make "sculptures" and let it harden...I was thinking today, and I think it would be cool to do that for my boys, but mix some little treat pieces in so as the gnaw at it, they get little...