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  1. Angelrattie

    Rat's Tail Gone HELP

    I don't really know how it happened but one of my rats tails got caught in the door and broken off. I hadn't closed the door at all and it seemed like a normal feeding session when she all of a sudden started screaming and running in circles. She frightened me and her sisters a lot. The two...
  2. Olympia✨

    Argh! Degloved tail, again? (photos, need help!!)

    I posted about a month ago about one of my boys, Obi, who I thought had a degloved tail at the time. Apparently it was a “nail tail” but since then I think he really degloved it! (Sorry for the flashy photo, it’s hard to get him to sit still- plus it’s the middle of the night!) It’s red, so...