1. E

    Handling rats while sick?

    In the past couple days, I have developed some illness symptoms that could be anything from COVID to strep throat (I am going to get tested today). I was wondering how safe it is for me to handle my ratties during this time? I’ve seen some sources that say humans can transmit strep throat to...
  2. georgina

    Help please! my rats depressed

    Hi, I am so sorry for the long post but I really really need some advice, my old man blue died 2 Sundays ago I did know this was going to happen as he was well past his age so it was expected, but my baby boy buddy 2yrsold died on sunday a straight week after blue died, I was soo confused and...
  3. R

    Contamination? Possible URI?

    I already have two other rattie girls and I added another to our family on April 13. I brought the new rat to the vet on April 16 for a suspected ear infection and because she had been sneezing quite a bit. Vet prescribed tresaderm solution for the ear infection and a mix of doxycycline and...
  4. Honeydewmelon

    Pituitary Tumor or Inner ear infection?

    Hi everyone, I have a 1 year old rat named Frida. Her cagemate just died of a pituitary tumor after 2 1/2 years on this earth. But before she died I asked to have the antibiotics for an inner ear infection from my vet, just in case it was an ear infection and she could get better. It was a...
  5. Nahla

    Healthy Old Girl

    Hello Rat Family, I have a fairly healthy two year old girl, aside from the occasional sneeze. I took her to the vet and they put her on enrofloxacin (also baytril I believe, but i declined that medication due to lack of funds). She has seemed to sneeze a bit less now, but I've been thinking...