1. A

    Mass on body

    My dirty boy Roach has come up with a massive lump on his body... Has anyone seen this before? It's right and up a bit from his penis and it doesn't seem to be painful, just ugly. There is a small scab on the centre but that's it. It's squishy like a cyst. Could it be an abscess? I do work...
  2. I

    Respiratory infection? Or not? (Odd noises)

    So—here’s the backstory. I have four rats, Bean, Peanut, Pancake, and Pistachio. The latter of the three are all younger (about three months old) Recently I’ve noticed that Pancake and Pistachio have been making this cooing sound; almost like a pigeon. Not all the time, but sometimes, and I know...
  3. Pingu

    Swelling in Right Hind Leg

    So I've had my pet rat for about 5 days now. Around the second day of owning her, we noticed that she did not use her hind leg when walking and kept the foot curled and close to her body. Out of concern, I picked her up and very gently felt around the ankle and foot. She did not protest and at...