chirping noise

  1. I

    Respiratory infection? Or not? (Odd noises)

    So—here’s the backstory. I have four rats, Bean, Peanut, Pancake, and Pistachio. The latter of the three are all younger (about three months old) Recently I’ve noticed that Pancake and Pistachio have been making this cooing sound; almost like a pigeon. Not all the time, but sometimes, and I know...
  2. Noel

    Sound My Rat Makes

    It's Noel , Rinky's mom, again. Ok this started yesterday. Rinky was out all day in his play space. Nothing unusual happened, but he started making this sound. It sounded like a bird chirping. Now I have had him out all day and he is doing it again. I held him, talked softly to him & pet him...